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How to Use a Garage Door as a Movie Screen

projector outside

Want to host an outdoor movie night this summer? Showing a movie under the stars is a great family activity or main-event for a kids’ slumber party.

Kits for an outdoor cinema, including an inflatable screen, are pricey. Since an al fresco flick may be a once a year event, why break the bank. You can have just as much fun going low budget. A garage door makes an excellent impromptu movie screen. You can piece together everything else you need for not much money….

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How to Install a Garage-Door Seal

A garage-door seal helps insulate your garage.

Installing a garage-door seal is a big job. It requires know-how and attention to detail. Having a good garage-door seal keeps warm or cold air from flowing freely into the garage. Rodents and dirt have free range when a garage-door seal is broken.

If a garage is attached to the house, a well-insulated and sealed door will keep your home’s temperature more consistent. A seal can protect against minor encroachments of moisture, but even the strongest seal won’t prevent against a serious water problem….

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How to Paint a Concrete Garage Floor

How to paint a concrete garage door.

Want to paint a concrete garage floor? It’s relatively easy and inexpensive project. A smooth coat of color makes the garage look great. Concrete paint comes in both latex and epoxy formulas. One-part epoxy paint is a good choice because it resists mold, mildew and stains. Epoxy-based paint tends to last longer than latex paint because it makes a strong bond with the floor.


Bare concrete releases dust as it wears out. Paint seals the surface of the concrete. A painted floor keeps the garage, and everything in it, cleaner.

When dust settles on garage door electronic eyes and in the tracks, it causes trouble. Dirty tracks can bog down the movement of the door. Dust-covered safety eyes keep the automatic door opener from working. Keeping the components of your garage door clean and maintained helps avoid the need for garage door repairs….

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Garage Door Glossary

The idea of garage door glossary is illustrated by this image of a computer keyboard with a key labeled with the word Glossary.

Can you name the parts of a garage door? Do you have to resort to saying “thingy” to describe problems with your door? This glossary can help. It includes the most commonly used garage-door terminology. Whether you’re working on a door yourself, or calling on us for installation or repair, use this list to learn which parts are called what….

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Is My Garage Door Alignment Off?

A wrench is seen on a bolt.

The garage door is often the largest moving object in your home. It goes up and down countless times each day. But when it doesn’t function as planned, frustrations arise. You need the door to operate properly so you can leave your home, and to ensure that your valuables are safe-guarded while you are away. If your garage door alignment is off, the door won’t open and close smoothly. Here are some quick fixes to ensure your door works properly so you can resume your normal activities safely….

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How Does Weather Affect My Garage Door?


When it comes to your garage door and the Pacific Northwest’s changing weather, it pays to be flexible. This is especially true here in Washington and Oregon, where weather-contingency plans are a must.

As inconsistent as weather patterns may be however, there’s one thing you can count on, and that’s the fact that changes in the weather have an effect on your garage door and how it operates. Maybe you’ve noticed that yours is tougher to open on particularly cold days, or perhaps you struggle to close it at certain times throughout the day. Here’s a look at how changes in weather affect how the garage door and garage door opener operate….

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Quick and Dirty Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Maintenance helps keep garage doors safe and functional.

While having anything in your home malfunction can be quite frustrating, a garage door that’s on the fritz can be especially nerve-wracking if you have valuables inside you want to protect or if inclement weather is headed your way. Before you call a professional garage door technician, try out a few quick and dirty tips to see if you can’t take care of the problem yourself….

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What Happens If You Put Off Garage Door Maintenance?

Garage Door Maintenance

While your garage door serves an undeniably vital function, it is often overlooked with regard to maintenance. Homeowners tend to ignore the importance of a garage door’s functionality until an issue arises. However, garage door maintenance is very simple and can prevent a variety of inconvenient issues from occurring, including:…

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