Broken Spring Repair

Garage Door springs counterbalance the weight of your garage door. They make the heavy door easier to open or close. All garage doors, whether manual and automatic, have springs to assist the operation of the door. Without these springs, you could be struggling to lift 400 pounds or more!

These springs come in various sizes and strengths in order to match the size and weight of your door. Your garage door relaxes and contracts every time you open and close your door. Over time, those metal springs can suffer from metal fatigue, which will eventually cause them to break.

Have you ever tried to lift a garage door during a cold, rainy evening? You know what an unpleasant situation it can be. The garage door opener is not equipped to handle the entire weight of the garage door, either. Trying to open the door with a broken torsion spring will also cause undue stress on the opener.

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

While residential garage doors are made up of several parts, torsion spring replacement is the most labor-intensive. Replacing a garage door spring involves relieving tension (unless the spring tension has been released via a break) and then adding tension after an installation.

If a garage door torsion spring breaks, don’t open or close the door until Ponderosa Garage Doors and Repair can survey the situation. In some cases, the broken spring could lead to other issues in the system that you may not be able to see. The same is true of extension springs, although they won’t have nearly the tension of torsion springs.

Typically on a double-wide Garage door, your door will have two springs. We recommend that both springs be replaced even if only one of the springs break. We do this because more often than not, the other spring is ready to fail. It’s really more of a safety matter at that point.

Continued attempts to run the door and operator system when there is a broken spring can be dangerous. But will also cause more damage to the door system. The springs on the garage door are powerful and can cause significant injury to a curious and well-meaning homeowner. Get a professional to look at it.

Vancouver, WA, Garage Door Experts

At Ponderosa Garage Doors & Repair, we have the experience, the right equipment (such as winding bars, specific tools, and safety cables), and take all necessary precautions to protect your door and garage contents. When working with something as heavy as a garage door, one wrong move could lead to a very big accident.

In addition to replacing torsion or extension springs, we offer a wide variety of garage door services. From spring or track repair service to garage door opener installation or maintenance, Ponderosa has been working on garage door systems for decades.

For homeowners that plan on living in their home long-term, we recommend you consider our Lifetime Spring Upgrade. This upgrade includes getting bigger (high-cycle) springs for your doors that come with a lifetime warranty. We also offer the lifetime Ponderosa Promise on all new garage door installations, covering the door, door hardware, and springs.

We offer Get Starteds for all of our customers and provide fast, efficient service for customers in Vancouver, Salmon Creek, Portland, Camas and other surrounding areas. Do you have a broken torsion spring? Or does your garage door wake up the neighborhood every time it opens or shuts? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Ponderosa Garage Doors and Repair.

Broken Spring Repair Pricing

Single Spring Repair ($400-550)*
Double Spring Repair ($550-700)*
Lifetime Spring Upgrade ($250-350)

We include in our Spring Repair Price a full Garage Door Tune-Up to your Door and Motor system. Call now for a free evaluation & quote.

*prices subject to change for oversized and/or custom doors.

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