Broken Spring Repair

Garage Door springs counterbalance the weight of your garage door. They make the heavy door easier to open or close. All garage doors, whether manual and automatic, have springs to assist the doors operation. These springs come in various sizes and strengths in order to match the size and weight of your door. Your Garage Door relaxes and contracts every time you open and close your door thus over time metal fatigue of your spring(s) which will eventually cause them to break.

Typically on a double-wide Garage door, your door will have two springs. We recommend that both springs be replaced even if only one breaks because more often then not the other spring will break relatively soon to the 1st spring break.

Also for homeowners that plan on living in their home long-term we recommend that they consider our Lifetime Spring Upgrade. This upgrade includes getting bigger (high-cycle) springs for your doors that come with a lifetime warranty.

If a garage door torsion spring breaks, don’t open or close the door until a professional takes a look and makes the needed repairs. Continued attempts to run the door and operator system when there is a broken spring can be dangerous as well as do additional damage to the door system. The springs on the garage door are powerful and can cause significant injury to a curious and well meaning homeowner. Get a professional to look at it.

Broken Spring Repair Pricing

Single Spring Repair ($275-325)*
Double Spring Repair ($350-450)*
Lifetime Spring Upgrade ($150-200)

We include in our Spring Repair Price a full Garage Door Tune-Up to your Door and Motor system. Call now for a free evaluation & quote.

*prices subject to change for oversized and/or custom doors.

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