Full Garage Door Tune-Up

Regular tune-ups keep your garage door working smoothly and prevent small problems from growing into big ones. We offer tune-ups for all types of garage doors, both residential and commercial.

With regular care, your door will last for decades. Aside from saving money on repairs and replacement, tune-ups keep everyone safe. Garage doors have safety features, but accidents can happen if a door isn’t maintained.

The Ponderosa preventative service plan makes it easy to ensure your door is always running smoothly. Contact your local garage door experts for information about this money-saving program.

Here are some of the problems we address during regular inspections and garage door tune-ups:

Loose Parts

Loose bolts and screws can lead to vibration and sloppy operation. The extra movement adds noise and wear. During a tune-up, we tighten and/or replace things as needed.


Your door’s moving parts need to be adjusted and lubricated from time to time. We use the right type of lubricants for the various components on the door.

Tracks and Rollers

Rollers and tracks can become misaligned, increasing friction and putting a strain on the garage door opener. We inspect these critical components, and make sure everything is rolling smoothly.

Balance the Door

We’ll disengage the motor and test the door. If it’s out of balance, we may need to service the springs or make other repairs. Because of the risk of serious injury, we recommend that homeowners never perform this service themselves.

Ponderosa offers a convenient service plan. With our plan, you’ll save money on repairs and rest easy knowing your door is in good hands. Contact us today for a Get Started or to schedule a tune-up.

Know When to Call a Professional

If you have questions about garage door parts, need to replace your door or if any of the above issues prove too much, we advise calling our office so we can give it a look! Any adjustments beyond basic knowledge will be better served by a team of professionals, which is exactly what we are! Call us at Ponderosa Garage Doors (360) 216-0106.

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