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Garage Door Glossary

The idea of garage door glossary is illustrated by this image of a computer keyboard with a key labeled with the word Glossary.

Can you name the parts of a garage door? Do you have to resort to saying “thingy” to describe problems with your door? This glossary can help. It includes the most commonly used garage-door terminology. Whether you’re working on a door yourself, or calling on us for installation or repair, use this list to learn which parts are called what….

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Is My Garage Door Alignment Off?

A wrench is seen on a bolt.

The garage door is often the largest moving object in your home. It goes up and down countless times each day. But when it doesn’t function as planned, frustrations arise. You need the door to operate properly so you can leave your home, and to ensure that your valuables are safe-guarded while you are away. If your garage door alignment is off, the door won’t open and close smoothly. Here are some quick fixes to ensure your door works properly so you can resume your normal activities safely….

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Quick and Dirty Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Maintenance helps keep garage doors safe and functional.

While having anything in your home malfunction can be quite frustrating, a garage door that’s on the fritz can be especially nerve-wracking if you have valuables inside you want to protect or if inclement weather is headed your way. Before you call a professional garage door technician, try out a few quick and dirty tips to see if you can’t take care of the problem yourself….

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Storm Damage and Your Garage



The house is shaking. Your mind is racing. It sounds like a tornado touched down on your roof. What just happened? As you struggle not to go into sensory overload, you realize a tree has fallen on your home.

Every year Vancouver and Portland are buffeted by storms. Wind and water bring down hundreds of the region’s trees during the course of the year. These normally gentle giants can shatter windows and rip through roofs and walls….

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When to Replace your Garage Door?

broken garage door

Your garage door was new when you bought your home, 15 years ago. Or perhaps you had a garage door installed more recently and corners were cut, leaving you with a door that requires frequent repairs. Whatever your situation, the decision to replace your existing garage door is an important one, and weighing your options…

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