Our Team

Ken Fielding


I’ve come to learn that success and fulfillment in my professional life and business is directly correlated to the joy and fulfillment derived from my family and personal life. Non-success in that area will always permeate out from there, over time. Solving problems and bringing value to peoples lives is what we do. Joyfully married for 30 years; five wonderful kids; a business that is 25 years strong and counting. Thank you in advance for trusting us to serve you.

Kris Fielding

Office Manager

I have been with the business from the start with my husband but as our five children have grown up I’ve taken a more active role in the office. I love living in Pacific Northwest and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. I love being outside and being with my family.

Teal Fielding

Journeyman Technician

I spend my weeks working the trades, and my weekends on the mountain. I am a northwest native, so consequently, I love being in the outdoors, hiking, camping, and rock climbing. When I’m not outside, you can find me at home playing guitar, piano, and making music with my friends.

Nic Hopkins

Journeyman Technician

My family is the most important aspect of my life. I enjoy being out amongst nature. I love mountain biking, hiking, and looking for critters with the kiddos! When I am home I sit in my favorite chair, cuddle up to the wife, put on a good movie, eat mozzarella sticks and drink my favorite beverage!

Brock Fielding

Financial Officer/Head of Marketing

I’m a recent official addition to the Ponderosa team despite watching my parents run the company for many years. I enjoy everything Sports. Some might call me a walking ESPN (Go Blazers!). I love hiking/mountaineering and anything that gets my body moving. More than anything, I enjoy being around those I love.

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