Avoid Garage-Door Repairs With Regular Tune-ups

Did you know garage doors need an occasional tune-up? A well-maintained door lasts longer and works better. Tune-ups are especially important if your business depends on a garage door. The most compelling reason for regular tune-ups, though, is safety. A malfunctioning garage door can hurt people and damage property.

You can do a tune-up yourself, but for best results, consider hiring a professional to keep your door in top shape. If there are impending problems with a door, one of Ponderosa’s technicians can spot them before they turn into a budget-busting issue. Here’s what a good tune-up should cover.

Got a Loose Screw?

Loose screws and bolts interfere with the smooth action of a garage door. Fasteners can work themselves out and cause problems with the door’s track. During a tune-up, all the bolts and screws in the system should be checked. They should be tightened or replaced if needed.

Dedication to Lubrication

Rollers, hinges, latches, springs, and other metal moving parts need regular lubrication. Some parts will do well with standard spray lube. However, specialty grease such as spray-on white lithium may be needed for components of the opener. Parts that are rusted should be cleaned with a wire brush before applying lubrication.

On a Roll

Rollers wear out over time and tracks can become misaligned. Faulty tracks and rollers put a strain on the opener’s motor. During a tune-up, these components should be inspected. Sometimes a good cleaning will restore smooth action. If there is too much wear, rollers will need to be replaced.

Playing It Safe

By virtue of their size and weight, garage doors are dangerous when they don’t work properly. If you have an automatic door opener manufactured after 1993, it should have been built with certain safety features. These features include automatic eyes and an entrapment protection system. The sensors should be checked and cleaned during a tune-up.

A Balancing Act

A door that’s unbalanced can come crashing down. Doors can be checked by disengaging the motor and manually lowering the door to the halfway point. When the door is in balance, it should remain in the half-open position. If the door is out of balance, the springs need adjusting. Spring adjustment, repair, and replacement should be done by a professional. Because the springs are so powerful, they can cause serious injury to those without experience and the proper tools.

Depend on Ponderosa

Ponderosa offers a convenient service plan. With our plan, you’ll save money on repairs and rest easy knowing your door is in good hands. Contact us today for a Get Started or to schedule a tune-up.