Commercial Garage Door Repair in Vancouver, WA

The garage door at your home provides protection for your car, acts as an additional storage space, and might even serve as your workshop, man cave, or she-shed. But if you’re a business owner, there’s an even more important garage door to think about — the door at your commercial facility.

Your commercial overhead door protects your livelihood and the livelihood of your employees. Not to mention, it safeguards important merchandise, tools, equipment, inventory, and whatever else you need to run your business. So when something goes wrong, you need reliable, fast commercial garage door repair services.

For over 25 years, Ponderosa Garage Doors has provided commercial and industrial overhead door repair for business owners throughout Washington and Oregon. Want to know why we’re the top team for commercial garage door repair in Vancouver, WA? Keep reading to learn more and see for yourself!

Commercial & Industrial Garage Door Repair Right In Your Backyard!

Our friendly team specializes in commercial garage door installs, repairs, and replacements throughout Washington and Oregon. Are we in your neighborhood? We cover these service areas:

  • Portland, OR
  • Gresham, OR
  • Milwaukee, OR
  • Oregon City, OR
  • Lake Oswego, OR
  • Sherwood, OR
  • Happy Valley, OR
  • Troutdale, OR
  • Vancouver, WA
  • Camas, WA
  • Washougal, WA
  • Ridgefield, WA
  • Woodland, WA
  • Bush Prairie, WA

Commercial & Industrial Overhead Door Repair Services

Commercial garage doors are used and abused much more often than residential doors. For instance, in a warehouse, doors may be opened hundreds of times to allow for deliveries. At an automotive repair facility, doors open and close constantly as cars travel in and out. And some parking garage doors may be in use 24 hours a day, seven days per week!

Because of this heavy usage, commercial doors are built extra tough. However, as with any mechanical system, their parts wear over time — but that doesn’t mean you have to worry! Since we have more than 25 years of experience with commercial garage door repair in Vancouver, WA, our fast, professional, and safety-minded crew will get your doors back up and running in no time.

Commercial Bay Door Repair

Our commercial garage door repair in Vancouver, WA, includes repair for bay and docking doors. Many companies rely on bay doors, including warehouses, shipping and logistics operations, and manufacturing facilities. If you use bay doors at your business, it’s vital that their functionality isn’t compromised. Call on Ponderosa for commercial bay door repair, and we’ll help get things back on track.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors We Service

We see two main categories of commercial doors when performing commercial garage door repair in Vancouver, WA:

Coiling Style Doors

Coiling or “rolling” doors are usually built to be more utilitarian than stylish and are most often made of steel, aluminum, and other heavy-duty materials. Unlike panel doors, which must be installed one panel at a time, slat doors usually come in one piece that is built to size.

For the most part, commercial garage door systems tend to fall into this category. Doors that swing out or up could use valuable real estate inside the facility. Doors that run “up and over” (along) tracks could interfere with lighting, sprinklers, or HVAC applications.

Rolling overhead commercial garage door installation can cost more because of the moving parts (slats, hinges, etc.). However, these doors’ ease of use, compact size, service, repair, and maintenance make them an attractive option. In addition, commercial and industrial garage door repair for these units is much easier since the doors can be replaced as an entire piece.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors allow significant flexibility in design because panels are much bigger than the slats used in coiling doors. Panel doors give business owners a lot of choices since the architecture of the building can be taken into consideration. Even opener installation is more customizable since the opener can be repositioned in different locations. However, the way sectional doors are built makes commercial and residential garage door repair slightly more difficult. At the end of the day, it’s all about what’s best for your individual use case.

Schedule Affordable & Fast Commercial Overhead Door Repair Services With Our Crew!

The Ponderosa team is just a quick call or click away if you need commercial garage door repair in Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, Ridgefield, Woodland, or Brush Prairie, WA. We’re also close to Portland, Gresham, Milwaukee, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, Sherwood, Happy Valley, and Troutdale, OR, so there’s almost nowhere in the Northwest that we don’t travel! Schedule service today, and we’ll meet you at your business.

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