Commercial Garage Door Repair in Vancouver WA

The garage door at your home provides protection for your car, additional storage space for holiday directions, workshop, or even a man cave or she-shed. But the garage door at your commercial facility protects your livelihood and the livelihood of your employees.

Not only because it’s your place of business, but because of the tools, equipment, inventory, and whatever else you need to run a company. And as garage door technology improves, they are used for more than industrial solutions. Retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses use garage doors for safety aspects as well as their industrial aesthetic.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

For the most part, commercial garage door systems are the roll-up, overhead door variety. Depending on the surrounding areas, doors that swing out or up could use up valuable real estate inside the facility. Doors that run up and over along tracks could interfere with lighting, sprinklers, or HVAC applications.

Rolling, overhead commercial garage door installation may be more pricey because of all of the moving parts (slats, hinges, etc.), but their ease of use, compact size, service, repair, and maintenance make them an attractive option. In either case, security and durability come standard.

Sectional vs. Coiling Style Doors
With residential overhead doors, there are a lot of different styles to choose from. Wood, vinyl, steel, and even glass panels are options. This allows more flexibility in design because panels are much bigger than the slats used in coiling doors. For appearance’s sake, panel doors give the business owner a lot of choices and can take the architecture of the building into consideration.

Coiling doors are more utilitarian and usually made of steel, aluminum, or other heavy-duty materials. Unlike panel doors, which must be installed one panel at a time, slat doors usually come in one piece, built to size.

In the case of a parking garage, overhead rolling garage doors may consist of high-quality metal netting. But these don’t offer much in the way of protection from the elements. Not a good option if you’re a restaurant owner that can only take advantage of outdoor seating six months out of the year.

Commercial Garage Door Repair Services

Commercial types of garage doors are put to the test more often than residential doors. In a warehouse, doors could be opened hundreds of times to allow for deliveries. In a tire-change operation, these doors are constantly being opened and closed to switch cars in and out. Parking garage doors may be in use 24 hours a day.

As such, they are often built to allow for constant use just not seen in residential applications. However, as with any mechanical system, parts wear over time. Ponderosa Garage Door and Repair has decades of experience maintaining, servicing, and repairing commercial doors.

Whether it’s a torsion spring that’s broken, electric garage door openers that need to be replaced, or damaged panels that need to be switched out, Ponderosa Garage Doors and Repair will offer Get Starteds on maintenance, service, and repair projects in the Portland/Vancouver, WA, area, including all of southwest Washington.

Work With The Garage Door Experts in Vancouver, Washington

In addition to being a commercial garage door repair company, we also provide installation services for both residential and commercial garage doors. We’ll work with you to find the best garage door for your purposes, both in functionality and design. Our fast, professional, and safety-minded crews will get your doors installed or back up and running in no time.

Garage Door Not Performing?

This comes in the form of grinding rollers, doors that won’t open all the way, or a spring that suddenly breaks in the middle of lifting. A broken torsion spring can be a scary situation – garage doors can weigh over 400 pounds and can cause a lot of damage when they fall!

If your commercial garage stops halfway up, refuses to open and close, or has a couple of missing hinges, reach out to Ponderosa Garage Doors and Repair.

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