Summer Maintenance for Your Garage Door

On average a garage door lasts 20 years. But it will only be reliable if it is well maintained. While the weather is warm and the days are long, add summer maintenance for your garage door to your to-do list.

What should your list include? Check out our summer maintenance tips:
Summer maintenance for your garage door

Tip #1: Give Your Hardware a Tune-up

Garage doors get a lot of use and the hardware can undergo major wear and tear as the years go by. Every summer make a point to look closely at the door. Inspect the hinges, bolts and other moving parts. Tighten or replace bolts or hinges that are worn. While you’re at it, lubricate moving parts with a white lithium or silicone spray. Learn more by reading our post on lubricating a garage door.

Tip #2: Wash and Remove Rust

Summer is the best time to wash your garage door. Your door will not only look great, but washing will keep it working more smoothly by preventing a buildup of grease, dirt and grime. Use a mild detergent and water. Consider using a pressure washer if the door has significant buildup. If your steel door shows rust, you can sand away the damage before touching up with a primer and exterior latex paint.

Tip #3: Give Your Door a Facelift

After you wash the door, freshen it up with new paint. When choosing paint, keep in mind that most doors look best when they blend in with a home. Don’t choose a color that draws attention to the door unless the door has architectural features you want to highlight. Instead, paint the garage the same color as the house.

Keep things tidy by painting the door trim to match trim in the rest of your home. If you want to update a garage door with multiple colors, be aware that it will become the focal point of your home. If you want your garage door to stand out, then let the creative juices flow. But if you’d rather highlight another feature of your home, then let the garage remain the understated workhorse it has always been.

Last but not least, test your garage door regularly to see that it’s working well. Listen for weird noises, strange wobbles and missing hardware. Even if you never plan on repairing a door yourself, getting familiar with the normal function of the door helps you identify early when there are problems.

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