Garage Doors

Types of Garage Doors

The garage door plays a huge part in the overall aesthetic of your home. In some cases, the garage door makes up to 40 percent of the front-facing side of the home. But it’s also the single largest moving part of your house, too. A garage door needs to be the perfect combination of form and function.

Style also plays a part, of course. The design, the color, the material, and even the kind of the hardware go a long way to establishing the

Garage Door Styles

As you can see below, we have the garage door to fit any kind of architecture, use, and design. A single garage door for a small Craftsman to double doors on a mid-century modern, to oversized doors for RV parking or industrial and commercial use.

We carry traditional wood doors with five panels, aluminum and glass doors for a more modern look, and carriage house doors to complete the warm, rustic look of your home. Most of our garage doors can be outfitted with windows to allow for natural light and individuality.

The windows themselves come in a range of looks, too. Clear, frosted, or tinted, windows will complete the look of your garage door if desired. The windows can be rounded, angled, or any number of stylized designs. Let Ponderosa help you choose the right look for your home.

We offer three types of garage doors: Overhead, roll up, and swing out doors. Overhead garage doors run along tracks and are the most popular choice for residential applications. As the name suggests, carriage style swing out doors open out to the driveway or slide to the side while roll up doors are used mostly in commercial facilities.

overall curb appeal of your home. Ponderosa Garage Doors carry a wide variety of garage doors from several manufacturers so we’re sure to have the look you want for your home.

Garage Door Materials


The most traditional type of material in the last century, wood panel doors are still prevalent on older homes. But homes built today also use wood garage doors because of their timeless look. However, without proper maintenance, wood panels may warp and fade in the four-season weather of the Pacific Northwest.

These doors are one of the heaviest – and most expensive – garage doors on the market, too. But they provide natural insulation, you can stain the doors for any look you like, and can be made in a wide variety of designs and styles.


The lightest materials on the market, aluminum frame garage doors are popular because they are so customizable. They can be made in hundreds of colors, can be created to look like wood, and when used with glass panels provide a very stylish look for both traditional and modern homes.

Aluminum is also very weatherproof and can be made with foam insulation to improve the comfort in the garage. The materials are also rust and corrosion resistant. It’s also very lightweight, but can be easily damaged, picking up little dings and dents.


The most durable material, steel garage doors are often used in commercial or industrial applications for that very reason. The material is also much lighter than wood, as customizable as aluminum, and can be insulated just like aluminum. Steel is also relatively inexpensive.

Even though it is a heavy-duty material, steel doors are more susceptible to rust and corrosion, however. In an industrial environment (auto repair garage, outdoor storage facility, etc.) if there is standing water at the bottom of the door rusting is pretty common. They should also be cleaned a few times a year.

The Ponderosa Promise

When we install a new garage door, we offer a lifetime garage door hardware warranty we call the “Ponderosa Promise.” This upgrader covers the springs, hinges, rollers, struts, cables, and bearings so you never have to worry about replacement parts ever again.

Ponderosa installs garage doors whether you’re building a custom home, replacing the garage door as part of a home improvement project, or replacing a damaged door. If you are in the market for a new garage door or thinking about a way to spruce up your home, reach out for a Consultation Visit.