Miscellaneous Repairs

Roller-set Replacements

Garage Doors have a lot of moving parts that tend to wear out over time. One of the most common parts to wear out or break are the Garage Door Rollers. The Garage Door Rollers allow the garage door to stay on the track to allow your door to go up and down quietly with ease. However with time Rollers can pop out of place, become misaligned, and fail. A replacement of your rollers can dramatically improve the way your door functions and avoid future damage.

Exterior Perimeter Seal

The exterior perimeter seal is used to seal the slight gap between the framework of your garage and garage door. This seal prevents water, bugs, and other particles from entering your garage. It can become compromised and ineffective over time. We offer to replace this seal on existing garage doors as well as install new ones with the purchase of a new garage door.

Bottom Weather (Astrigal) Seal

The bottom (Astrigal) seal has a similar purpose to the exterior perimeter seal but this seal attaches to the bottom of your garage door. It helps to close the gap between the concrete floor of your garage and your garage door. This is important for all homes but especially older homes which can develop unevenness due to settling and cracking concrete. Additionally, it is common for the bottom seal to become hardened over time and become less effective.

Photo-Eye Adjustment/Replacement

The photo-eyes are an essential part of your garage door system. They notify the motor if something is in the way of the door so that the door doesn’t proceed to lower and hit a person or object. The photo-eyes sit at the bottom of your garage door track and connect to the motor via low-voltage wiring. Because they sit at the bottom of your door often kids, toys, and other materials can bump into them and cause them to misalign thus causing your motor to not function properly. Likewise, the photo eyes like any other part can wear out or go bad. For such issues call us for a realignment or replacement of the photo-eye. We do free evaluation and quotes

Garage Door Track Realignment

The garage door track is what your garage door rollers follow to go from the vertical position (down position) to the horizontal position (up position). If the track in any way has been hit, altered, bent, etc your garage door will struggle to go up and down, make your motor work harder, and cause more noise. If the following issues are occurring, it might be necessary to get your track adjusted and/or replaced along with a full garage door tune-up

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Programming and Remote Issues

We are professionals with any issues regarding your remotes, wall stations, and connecting them to your garage door operator and vehicle. Sometimes with power outages, your motor can disconnect from your remote and wall stations as well as your car. Call us today in order to resolve such issues and be back to opening and closing your garage door. We can also assist in reprogramming or changing your exterior keypad code.

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At Ponderosa Garage Doors & Repair we recommend regular maintenance when it comes to your garage door to preserve its lifetime, save you money and, most importantly, keep everyone in your home safe.

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