Garage Door Replacement in Vancouver, WA

When the time comes for a new garage door, you’ve probably been having some trouble with the existing door. If you’ve been forced to get a ton of repairs or deal with plenty of issues, finding a quality garage door replacement for Vancouver, WA, or Portland, OR, homes or businesses is likely a major priority. Fortunately, the garage door installers at Ponderosa Garage Doors provide residential and commercial garage door replacement and installation using high-quality products and efficient processes.

Our technicians also focus on overhead doors and work efficiently to help businesses get back up and running quickly and give homeowners a fully functioning door in record time. Contact us today for replacements, installations, or various other garage door services, such as garage door opener installation, smart garage door openers, and garage door tune-ups. No matter what you need, our company is here to help, so be sure to give us a call or keep us on your mind for any future issues.

What’s the Best Material for a Garage Door?

In Washington and Oregon, steel and wood are the most popular materials for garage doors. However, custom wood doors do require routine and consistent maintenance and care. When maintained, these materials hold up well in the Pacific Northwest climate.

Steel doors: Steel has become the top choice for garage doors in the Vancouver metro area because they are low-maintenance, long-lasting doors. This material is also affordable, both for its initial installation and for its low upkeep. These doors are available with textures and finishes that match any style of home or business. Many homeowners choose a steel door with a wood-grain texture.

Wood doors: Natural wood remains a favorite material for Pacific Northwest homes. Its beauty is unmatched and offers homeowners an opportunity to request custom work. Wood is a traditional material that requires regular upkeep. You’ll need to clean and refinish wood more often than steel. Wood is heavy, more expensive than steel, and may swell in a moist environment.

Learn more about the differences between steel and wood doors.

Garage Door Installation Services

A major part of our commercial or residential garage door installations is providing various styles and materials to satisfy a myriad of customer needs in our regions. Some of our more popular door types include:

  • Traditional Raised Panel: Long and Short
  • Sleek Contemporary
  • Carriage House

Contemporary Garage Doors

If your home or business has a minimal, modern, or industrial style, you’ll want a door to match. You can find a door with clean lines in brushed aluminum or tempered glass. Custom colors and finishes are available.

Carriage House Garage Doors

These doors have an old-fashioned charm that elevates your home’s beauty and value. With carriage house garage doors, you’ll have many options for decorative hardware and hand-crafted touches. However, while traditional styles are among the most popular, carriage doors are also available in rustic and modern versions. These doors look great framed with brick, stone, or wood.

Commercial Garage Doors

We install commercial-grade garage doors that stand up to heavy use. If your business depends on the easy access provided by an automatic door, we’ll recommend and install a door that fits your needs.

You can also choose from styles and options, including:

  • Roll-up doors and rolling steel doors
  • Fire doors
  • Chain hoists
  • Commercial sectionals

Commercial Garage Door Replacement

As part of our garage door replacement in Vancouver, WA, we provide a host of services for businesses and organizations in the area. Our commercial garage door installation and replacement services are the finest, providing quick and easy service that gets your business on top. Combined with our efficiency is our use of high-quality materials, which we use for sectional and coiling doors. These materials can protect against the elements while still delivering the simplicity a company would want to ensure operations run as smoothly as possible. Contact us today for more information on why Ponderosa technicians are right for your business.

Overhead Garage Door Replacement

Our garage door replacement in Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR, also service overhead doors! We replace every door part, including remotes, keypads, safety sensors, circuit boards, and other accessories. You can also enjoy the same quality parts and skills of our door technicians that make the job simple, easy, and effective! Our installers are the best option for overhead garage door replacement!

Is it Time for New Garage Doors?

When a fallen tree, car crash, or another type of accident wrecks your garage, you’ll want a new door as soon as possible. But, other times, you may be on the fence. Should you replace garage doors that are fully functional but an eyesore? What about considering a commercial garage door installation or replacement for one that’s getting up there in years but still works well?

Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about replacing your old garage door:

New Materials: Some new garage doors offer energy-savings or stylish and modern materials. For example, new glazes that insulate are baked on during manufacturing. Faux finishes are widely available and have improved in appearance over the years, giving you the look of wood in an affordable, easy-care steel door.

Improved Safety: Garage door safety features are important in an automatic opener. These include electronic sensors, auto-reverse, and smart technology. But the door itself also provides safety and security. Also, garage doors are heavy; if they fall, they can injure people and damage property. An old, worn garage door can become a hazard and may be easy for burglars to break into. If your garage door is shaky or on the verge of falling apart, consider replacing it sooner than later.

Increased Property Value: A new door increases your home’s resale value. Because the doors are large, they contribute substantially to a home’s good or bad appearance. Beyond looks, a reliable garage door is a feature that many prospective buyers want.

Climate control: Even if you don’t choose an insulated door, a new door provides a better seal against the weather. A door that fits perfectly and works properly keeps your car and garage cleaner. A cracked door that doesn’t fully close allows for drafts, dirt, moisture, and even small animals.

There are many good reasons to replace garage doors, regardless of if you’re a resident or business owner. Our garage door replacement in Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR, is here to help you find the right model for your property or facility. Our family business puts service and value first, so contact one of our garage door installers for help!

Replacing an Old Garage Door or Getting New Overhead Garage Doors Is Made Easy With Ponderosa!

Quality garage door installation services can be a challenge to find. At Ponderosa Garage Doors, we know the fun and excitement that comes with a new door, and the last thing we want to do is ruin it with a poor installation. Getting garage door replacement in Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR, ensures that you enjoy quality materials and parts with modern benefits to boot. Contact us today for new overhead garage doors, commercial and residential garage door installations and replacements, and so much more! Get a free estimate, and schedule your first appointment ASAP!

Which Garage Door Is Right for You?

Here at Ponderosa Garage Doors & Repair, we install a variety of garage doors. We are happy to help you choose a door that will work well with the architecture of your home or business and fit within your budget.

Look at our different Door options and Call us today to discuss which door fits best with your home and budget.

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