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As the largest moveable part of any home, the garage door needs to look good and perform even better. With state of the art openers that can be operated with our phones, sometimes we take the garage door for granted. But when they refuse to open, make a tremendous racket, or come crashing down, you realize just how important they can be.

Sometimes weighing up to 400 pounds (or more), a lot of moving parts go into making a garage door move up and down effortlessly. When one or more of those parts begin to wear out, the door begins to fail. Ponderosa Garage Doors and Repair offers fast, safe, and quality repairs, maintenance, and re-installation services in Southwest Washington and Portland Metro areas.

Planning on changing your garage door as part of a whole-home remodel? Or has your current door outlived its lifespan? Ponderosa Garage Doors has a wide range of options for you to choose from: classic raised panel vinyl doors, steel doors in a variety of colors and finishes, classic wood carriage doors, and more!

Garage door opener not working like it should? Whether it’s a problem with the wiring, the motor, or something else entirely, our professionals will inspect and offer recommendations. After all, who wants to get out in the cold, rainy weather to open the garage door?

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Door Installations and Replacements

We are a full service garage door
company specializing in residential
and commercial garage doors and
garage door openers.

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Opener Installations and Replacements

Specializing in garage door opener replacement, repair, and new installation. We can help you determine the best garage door opener to meet your needs.

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Broken Spring Repair

If a garage door torsion spring breaks, don’t open or close the door until a professional takes a look and makes the needed repairs.

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Full Garage Door Tune-Up

Regular tune-ups keep your garage door working smoothly and prevent small problems from growing into big ones. We offer tune-ups for all types of garage doors, both residential and commercial.

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