Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation in Vancouver, WA

Garage door opener repaairYour garage door goes up, and it goes down. It all happens with the touch of a button when you have an automatic opener. The device that controls the largest moving part of your home is pretty reliable, especially when you consider how little maintenance it requires.

Most people don’t think twice about these ingenious inventions until the garage door doesn’t work as it should. When an opener malfunctions, it’s kind of the pits. True, you can operate the garage door manually (here’s how) if the opener quits working. But, most of us would prefer to let the remote do the work.

Ponderosa Garage Doors & Repair offers garage door opener replacement, repair and installation in Vancouver, Washington. We can help you buy and install the right garage door opener for your residential or commercial property.

New garage door openers are available in various strengths. Large industrial doors require heavy duty motors. Some residential doors, particularly those made of solid wood, may also require a stronger-than-average opener. All openers work similarly, but there are some important differences between various models.

Learn more about choosing the right opener for your home or business.

Upgrade to a Safer Garage

Not every garage door opener needs replacement. But, if yours was built before the Federal Regulations (UL 325) were established, it’s best to replace the old device altogether.

UL 325 requires that all garage door openers come with a set of safety eyes. Garage door opener safety eyes ensure that the door will stop when an object, animal, or human passes the safety eyes.

Even if your door has the mandated safety features, it’s a good idea to check their function. Learn more about garage door safety, including how to test the safety eyes.

If you are unsure that your garage door opener meets all UL 325 regulations, please contact us for a comprehensive inspection.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Are you a fan of smart technology for the home? Smart-garage systems work with your Wi-Fi and smartphone. They enhance security and convenience. Some systems can integrate with a home’s HVAC system and lights. You can buy a new opener with Wi-Fi capability or get an adapter for an older opener.

Smart technology lets you open the door even if you’re away from home. If your child forgets the key, you can let them in the house remotely. If the door opens when it shouldn’t, the system will notify you. If you forget to close the door, lower it without having to go home.

Learn more about smart garage door openers.

Garage Door Opener Inspection, Repair

If your garage door opener isn’t operating correctly, you may not need a new one. Ponderosa Garage Doors & Repair can assess your inoperable garage door opener and offer you solutions. Often times, a garage door opener malfunctions as a result of a single feature:

  • Photo-eye misalignment or failure
  • Gear and sprocket assembly failure
  • Circuit board breakdown due to power surges
  • Moisture and overuse

We’ll inspect then diagnose your garage door opener’s problem and check that it meets UL 325 regulations. In many cases, we can save you money by repairing the opener.

Installation for a New Home or Business

If your residence or commercial property is new, or has never had a garage door opener installed before, Ponderosa Garage Doors & Repair installs all major brands:

  • Lift Master
  • Genie
  • Linear
  • And more

Garage Door Opener Repair in Vancouver, WA

Your garage door is big and heavy. To ensure it remains safe, it needs to work correctly. If the opener malfunctions, your property may become vulnerable to burglary or vandalism. Call us for help maintaining both your door and the opener.

Contact Ponderosa Garage Doors & Repair today so we can help you determine what garage door opener is best for your home or business.