Why Is My Garage Door Opening On Its Own?

Have you had your garage door open on its own, time and time again? This can be frustrating, especially when you are on a schedule and don’t have time for garage door malfunctions. When your garage door opener is on the fritz, here are some things you can do to figure out why it’s not working properly.

Tip #1: Check the wiring in the garage door.

Is there a short in the wiring between the wall button and the opener motor unit? Also, look at the wiring between the safety sensor eyes at the sides of the door and the motor unit. You don’t need to worry about turning off the power source, as these are low voltage wires that won’t cause damage. But, if in doubt, shut down the power at the circuit or fuse box. Look for damaged insulation, dangling wires, or something that may have pierced the wire and caused it to break. You’re looking for anything that looks out of the ordinary, worn or broken.

Person tripping the circuit breaker

Tip #3: Check the circuit board

Sometimes a garage door’s circuit board could malfunction and cause the door to open by itself. If you notice something amiss with the circuit board, don’t attempt to repair it yourself. Contact Ponderosa Garage Doors first to see what we can do for you. We may be able to repair it, or it may need to be replaced with a new system.

Tip #3: Reset.

If you have an older unit, sometimes the codes can get mixed up and cause the garage door to start acting weird. To reset, unplug the remote control portion of the unit, so the wall mount switch still works. If that doesn’t work, try switching off the breaker board or just turn off the power to the whole house for a bit and check to see if it resets itself after the power comes back on.

Tip #4: Electrical surge.

Has there been a thunderstorm, windstorm, or something else that triggered an electrical surge? These can damage the transmitter’s electrical wiring and cause the garage door opener to open at random times. You’ll likely need a new opener.

If you have experienced your garage door opening by itself on more than one occasion, there is no need to be alarmed. There is likely an electrical short or something similar that is happening inside the device.

If you can’t resolve the problem, give us a call. We repair and replace garage door openers. We have affordable and reliable new models perfect for you home.