Tools for Garage Door Tune-Up

garage door repair toolsThe Ideal Toolkit for Proper Garage Door Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your garage door can both preserve its lifetime, save you money, and most importantly: keep everyone in your home safe.

If not properly maintained, risks include a garage door spontaneously falling down on a family member or vehicle. There is also the risk of the opposite happening, where a garage door will all of a sudden not close completely, leaving your home exposed to burglary. This is why good maintenance is a must!

General Tools for Oregon & Washington Homes

  • Hammer for jobs such as tapping misaligned track back into place.
  • Tape measure for tasks including determining the length of replacement parts such as weather strips.
  • Screwdriver or screw gun for tightening any loose bolts or screws.
  • Pliers for tasks such as locking the rollers in place on tracks if propping the door open.
  • Wrench set for tightening things such as roller brackets and bolts.
  • Broom for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, clearing cobwebs, and removing debris.

Specialized Components: Tools for Your Garage Doorscrews and washers for garage door maintenance

  • Spray-on white lithium grease for the lubricating chain in the garage door opener.
  • Lubricant such as WD-40.
  • 2×4 for propping open door.
  • Replacement rollers for when the original gets worn out.
  • Weather seal is particularly important with all the rain in the Pacific Northwest.
  • 1-in galvanized roofing nails for installations such as weatherstripping.
  • Silicone spray or rubbing alcohol for cleaning.
  • Extension spring containment cables for when the originals get worn out.
  • Fender washers & locknuts for securing and tightening screws.

Doing routine maintenance on your garage door will help preserve it, save you money, and keep your family safe. It only takes about 30 minutes every couple of months, and much of it you can do with some simple tools and household cleaners.

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