Tools for Garage Door Tune-Up

screws and washers for garage door maintenance

Regularly maintaining your garage door can both preserve its lifetime, save you money, and most importantly: keep everyone in your home safe.

If not properly maintained, risks include a garage door spontaneously falling down on a family member or vehicle. There is also the risk of the opposite happening, where a garage door will all of a sudden not close completely, leaving your home exposed to burglary. This is why good maintenance is a must!…

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Decorating Styles to Consider for Your Garage Apartment

Three car garage

A garage can be so much more than simply a place to park your car or keep your old skis and tennis rackets–it can be a beautiful, functional apartment for those with enough vision and drive. If you’ve decided to renovate your garage into an apartment, you’ve got a lot of issues to consider–including the…

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