DIY Garage Repairs and Upgrades

Man working on a garage door hinge

Your garage door provides an extra layer of protection to your home and keeping it functioning at its peak is important. Because your garage door is put to good use every day, things may need to be repaired or replaced on occasion.

There are several overhead garage door repairs that are better left to garage door professionals, such as replacing the large torsion springs or repairing tracks. However, there are several DIY garage door jobs that are perfectly fine to repair or upgrade yourself.

Hinges, nuts, and bolts
Is your garage door making an annoying clattering sound? Take a close look at the small hardware parts of the door and tighten them.  Simple things like a change in temperature, both inside and outside of the garage, can cause hinges, nuts, and bolts to expand or contract.

The continuous motion of opening and closing causes friction between the garage door’s various moving parts. If it is not lubricated properly, you’ll hear that horrible sound of metal on metal. It sounds bad, but don’t panic. It’s not the complete end of the garage door as you know it. Use a garage door lubricant to reduce friction and keep your door moving effortlessly.

Weather Seals
Even the smallest crack in your garage door seal could allow rodents, bugs, or moisture in from the outside. This is a simple and inexpensive thing to fix yourself and can prevent your garage floor from getting wet or invaded by small critters.

Every garage door has a handle on the outside that is necessary for manual opening. If the handle becomes loose, it’s an easy thing to replace. Simply head to your local hardware store and pick out a new one and attach it in the old one’s place.

Batteries and sensors
Feeling frustrated because your garage door won’t open or close? Every so often, the batteries in your garage door remote will give out. Change those to see if that solves the problem. If not, you may need to check the sensor in the bottom portion of the door. If it’s out of alignment or dirty, it could cause the door to malfunction so a simple clean or realignment could fix it.

If there are other issues with your garage door, don’t try to do it yourself. The trained professionals at Ponderosa can help you diagnose your garage door problem quickly and correctly and get it fixed. We can repair or replace garage door springs, tracks, rollers, and other garage door parts.

In addition to repairs, we also offer door installations, replacements, and opener installation. Have problems with your door or exploring the options for a replacement? Contact us today for information on how we can help!