DIY Garage Door Repair? Think Safety First

The DIY trend has swept the nation and shows no signs of slowing down. Everything from home decor to home repairs has become fair game for those with the willingness and stamina to complete these projects with their own two hands.

While the do-it-yourself attitude is commendable, it can also get individuals into trouble. The same independence and inspiration that turns an old pair of jeans into a suitcase liner can cause unnecessary injury without proper precautions.

The following injuries can result from DIY garage door maintenance if you are not experienced and don’t have the right support or tools. Keep in mind that home repair involves more than just determination, and cutting corners to save money can create a poor outcome. At Ponderosa Garage Doors, we have your best interests in mind! Consider the following injuries that can result from garage door repairs gone wrong and consider calling the pros before you resort to possibly putting yourself through this sort of stress:

Deep Cuts

We’re not referring to the scrapes and bruises you incurred as a child. Rather, the kinds of lacerations you can experience as a result of garage door work, caused by the sharp edge of a heavy, fast-moving door, often require trips to the hospital and stitches. These types of injuries can leave you with scars, infections, and nerve damage.

Broken Bones

Repairing a garage door means climbing to locations well above your arm’s reach. That usually involves a ladder. Even if you are working with a spotter (and we recommend that you always do so), slipping from even a low rung can cause major injury. Fractures, from the ankles to the skull, can cause long recovery periods, during which you will need to put off activities that you enjoy, as well as many of your responsibilities, in order to heal.


Automated garage doors run on electrical components, not mere physical push-and-pull forces. If you are working with a garage door without professional assistance, know that these units can cause burns and even sudden death if you encounter any live wires in the process.

Crushed Limbs

Because garage doors are extremely heavy, they can cause major physical damage if they happen to fall on any part of your body. Never, ever stand underneath your garage door while someone else conducts repairs inside. If the door unhinges or closes suddenly, you could suffer an injury that could lead to permanent disfigurement, limited mobility, and even amputation if the limb cannot be healed through surgical means.

At Ponderosa, we care about your safety and want to make sure that your garage door repairs do not come with a painful price. If you are looking to DIY your garage door repairs without prior experience, we urge you to reconsider, or at the very least, call us for advice. We’re always here to help!