Should I Choose a Wood or Steel Garage Door?

Manufacturers make garage doors from steel, wood, wood composites, fiberglass, vinyl and glass. Even will all these options, for many homeowners, the choice for a new garage door is often between wood and steel.

should i get a wood or steel garage door?

Both materials are sturdy and attractive, but the differences between the two types of doors are distinct. How do you know if you should choose a wood or steel garage door? Make a decision based on your budget, maintenance preferences and home’s architecture.

Here’s how wood stacks up to steel:


Wood doors are more expensive than steel. The cost is higher because of the difference in price of the raw materials, but also because making a wood door is more labor intensive.

Manufacturers build wood doors in layers. The sheets, also called plies, prevent warping. For custom designs, wood requires the skill of a craftsman.

Steel doors are popular because of their affordability and practicality. Two layers of galvanized steel are typical of high-quality doors. Metal, unlike wood, doesn’t have natural insulating properties. However, steel doors are available with insulation.


Wood garage doors require upkeep. They need to be periodically refinished both for beauty and for longevity. Wood doors also tend to be heavy. The heavier the door, the more it strains an automatic garage door opener’s motor. If you choose wood, be sure to install an opener with adequate horsepower.

Steel doesn’t require yearly touch-ups or refinishing like wood. But, as you can imagine, steel doors can get dented, scratched or rusty. To keep the door looking good, choose a door with a rust-resistant finish. Thicker metal is more durable but also heavier.


Real wood has a natural beauty that some people favor. For them, there’s no substitute for the warmth, color and texture of timber. Those who want a custom design, handcrafted or carved features will also prefer a wood garage door.

Metal garage doors come in a range of styles. You won’t have to compromise your home’s curb appeal just because you’re installing a metal door.

Manufacturers can produce steel doors that look a lot like wood. These doors have the texture of wood grain. They can replicate the style of raised panels, and they’re available in a range of colors. Steel doors are also ideal for modern architecture that features shiny metal and glass.

wood-garage-doorIs a Wood Garage Door a Good Choice in Washington and Oregon?

Solid wood is naturally durable and insulating. A door that has been properly finished will last a long time if it’s maintained. Like other materials, wood doors can be constructed to be energy efficient. They can be reinforced to withstand high winds and other extremes of weather. However, wood can swell during the rainy season. If the door swells too much, it won’t open and close smoothly. That could strain the motor, so consulting an expert garage door company like Ponderosa, can help you determine if a wood garage door is the right choice for your home.

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