Should I Get a Wood Garage Door?

Do you love the look of a wooden garage door? Some of the most attractive doors are made from wood. Wooden carriage house garage doors, for instance, retain an old-fashioned charm.

Contemporary garage doors may be wood, aluminum, fiberglass, steel or vinyl. Steel doors can mimic the look of wood, but some people prefer the real thing.

Wood garage doors are stylish and durable.
Wood garage doors are a classic choice. For those who like carefree upkeep, metal doors can be constructed to look like wood.

Are wood garage doors a good idea for homes in the wet climate of Washington and Oregon? It depends on your situation. There are pros and cons to garage doors made from wood.

Here are some things to consider if you want a wood garage door.

Advantages of Wood Garage Doors

Strong. Solid wood is naturally durable and insulating. A door that has been properly finished will last a long time if it’s maintained.

Renewable. Wood is an eco-friendly material. You may be able to buy a door made from wood harvested from fallen trees.

High-end. Custom designs in wood will give your home an upscale look.

Craftsmanship. Doors can be painted, stained and carved. Wood, more than other garage door material, lends itself to artistry and craftsmanship.

Authentic. Do you own a historic house? Wood is the answer if you want a garage door that looks original to your home.

Efficient. Like other materials, wood doors can be constructed to be energy efficient. They can be reinforced to withstand high winds and other extremes of weather.

Disadvantages of Wood Garage Doors

Upkeep. Wood doors require more upkeep than steel or vinyl. Damaged areas will need to be refinished. Maintenance keeps wood from rotting, but a neglected door will deteriorate over time.

Cost. Wood doors are more expensive than metal or vinyl doors. While wood doors may have a higher level of workmanship, the skill required to craft a door comes at a price.

Repairs. If a custom wood door needs to be repaired, the components may need to be specially ordered.

Heavy. Wood is heavier than metal, vinyl or aluminum. A heavy door requires a more powerful opener and springs. These may cost more than standard components.

Swelling. Wood can swell during the rainy season. If the door swells too much, it won’t open and close smoothly. That could strain the motor.

A wood garage door can be a great addition to your home even in the wet Pacific Northwest. Ponderosa can help you decide on the best type of door for your home. Get in touch. We’d be happy to give you an estimate and discuss your options for a new garage door.