Lifetime Warranty Springs

Garage Door Springs Special Offer


“Why go coach, when first class is just a fraction more?”

Garage door torsion springs are what counterbalance the weight of the garage door. They come in varying wire sizes. The longevity of the springs varies based on wire size, inside diameter and length of spring as well as how often the door is used on a daily basis.

The standard charge for a “double spring” system ranges from $200 – $275 depending on make, model and weight of the door. The industry standard for a pair of torsion springs is rated at 10,000 cycles, and generally lasts about 6-10 years.

With this special offer, the cost of High-Cycle, lifetime warranty springs is only an additional $150 (Regularly $225). Eliminate the danger, stress and inconvenience of having your garage door springs breaking in the future! Go “High-Cycle.” If you ever have a broken spring again, just call us and we will replace it at NO CHARGE.

Also, as with ALL our spring repairs (Standard cycle or High-cycle), we perform a complete tune-up to your entire door system (A $135 value).

If you plan on staying in your home long-term, investing in High-Cycle, lifetime warranty springs makes total sense. It will pay for itself in reduced maintenance costs.

Because replacing torsion springs can be very dangerous, the procedure should be left to a garage door professional.

It’s no wonder nearly all our customers are taking advantage of this special offer! Contact our experienced and professional team to get started.

A graphic shows the cost-saving benefits of lifetime warranty springs compared with standard garage door springs.