Garage Door Replacements

Replacement Parts Give Your Garage Door New Life

Ponderosa is a full-service garage door company. We offer repairs, replacement parts and installations.

A slip of the foot. A minor misjudgment. A brief distraction. It only takes a second for your garage door to go from mint to mangled.

Garage door accidents happen all the time. Often, the damage isn’t extensive, but it still needs to be repaired. Crooked and cracked doors look bad and are dangerous to use. An off-kilter door strains the motor and other components of the system. If the door fails, it may stop working or it could fall.

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Garage Door Section and Panel Replacement

Garage Door Replacement Portland

Accidents happen

We can replace individual sections or panels. Replacement sections are available for many models and brands.

Before we order a replacement panel, we’ll need to know which part of the door was damaged. Most doors consist of a top, middle and bottom section.

Serial numbers are printed on most garage doors, making it easy to identify the model and find an exact replacement part. Look for the serial number on the inside of the bottom section.

One of our technicians will install the replacement panel. During installation, we may disconnect the opener. We may need to make adjustments to the hardware. It’s a good time for a tune-up during a repair. Before leaving, we’ll test the door and make sure everything is working properly.

There are times when we can’t replace a panel or section. For example, if the door is old, parts may not be available. It may be difficult to get a matching color or style. When a door has extensive damage, installing a new one is often the best solution.

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs counterbalance the door. Springs come in various sizes and strengths. Durability varies with the type of spring. We offer heavy-duty torsion springs with a lifetime warranty. We think these springs are the best product for our customers.

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Springs are dangerous when they break. Homeowners shouldn’t try to remove, repair or replace springs. When we inspect or tune-up your door, we’ll evaluate your door’s springs for damage and wear. If the springs look worn, please contact us for a thorough evaluation.

Garage Door Tracks, Rollers, Hinges and Hardware

Garage Door replacement parts

Garage Door Replacement Parts

Doors have a number of moving parts that tend to wear out. We replace worn parts with high-quality, durable components.

Some garage door makes and models require proprietary parts from the manufacture. In those cases, we’ll find the right parts for your door.

Common replacement parts are:

  • 13-gauge hinges
  • Hi-impact nylon 11-ball rollers
  • 22-gauge support struts
  • Heavy-duty bearing plates
  • Spring anchor brackets

Garage Door Opener

When your garage door opener doesn’t work properly, you may need a replacement, a repair or a tune-up. Our technicians will diagnose the problem, recommend a fix and get you an estimate for the parts and labor.

There are a number of ways openers fail. Some malfunctions are due to mechanical breakdowns, electrical problems or misalignment of photo eyes. While repair is often a good option, you may want to consider a new opener if you’re interested in the latest safety and convenience features. Many openers now use smart features that make monitoring safety easy.