Signs of an Unbalanced Garage Door

A garage door works best when it’s in balance. An unbalanced garage door puts extra weight and strain on the opener. More pressure means the door will wear out too soon. A door out of balance also presents a hazard. These doors are heavy. If the door fails, it could fall and hurt someone.

signs of an unbalanced garage door
A garage door repair company can help get a malfunctioning door back in balance.

Once a garage door gets unbalanced, it will need to be adjusted. The malfunction will only worsen if you ignore it. If you suspect a problem with your door, please call Ponderosa. We’ll evaluate the garage door and give it a tuneup or recommend a fix.

Don’t try to fix the door on your own. Your garage door weighs at least a couple hundred pounds. It contains powerful springs that can cause gruesome injuries. If your door isn’t working well, it might be unbalanced, or the problem could be elsewhere.

Here are the signs of an unbalanced garage door.

Is the Door Making Loud Noises?

Strange noises when the door opens or closes indicates a problem. The door might be unbalanced, or it could have another problem. Some doors are louder than others, but if you hear unusual sounds such as squeaks, rattling or banging, get the door evaluated.

The Door Opens Partially After Closing

An unbalanced door may start to open after you lower it. The door won’t come up all the way but may lift several inches off the ground. This unwanted opening may happen in manual mode.

Garage Door Doesn’t Stay Open in Manual Mode

There are times, such as when the power is out when you need to open a door manually. If you disconnect the door from the opener and raise it, it should remain open. The door is unbalanced if it begins to close after you open it.

The Door Falls Quickly in Manual Mode

A falling door is extremely dangerous. If you start to close the door when it’s disconnected from the opener, it should come down slowly. If it slams to the ground or falls quickly, the door is unbalanced. Always use caution when a door is in manual mode. Automatic door openers have safety features, but they don’t work when the power is out, or you have disconnected the door from the opener.

Does the Garage Door Look Slanted?

Watch the door as it opens and closes. The bottom of the door should look horizontal. If it’s slanted or uneven, it’s a sign that the door is unbalanced. When the door is off kilter, it puts uneven pressure on the door’s components. This strain can cause a part to break.

If your door shows signs of being unbalanced, please contact Ponderosa Garage Doors. We’ll take a look and get your door back in balance.