Monthly Garage Door Maintenance

garage doors portlandDoes your home have a new garage door, or do you have an old model that’s starting to show wear and tear? Whatever your situation, garage door maintenance is a must for maintaining the efficacy of your device and the safety of your home and family. Perform the following checkups monthly in the order below for best results.

Visual inspection: Stand inside the garage with the door closed and look over the garage door springs, rollers, pulleys, and mounting hardware. Keep an eye out for cable wear or fraying. If anything does not look right, there may be larger issues at work. Call in your installation specialist to examine further.

Balance test: Close the door and disconnect the automatic opener. Next, attempt to lift the door manually. The door should lift smoothly with little resistance and stay open. Make note of any tendency to stick or close, as this may indicate a balance issue with the door. In this case, consult your installation specialist.

Photo eye test: Make sure the garage door photo eyes are up to par. With the door fully open, use the garage door opener’s transmitter or wall button to close the door. Then wave a long tool, such as a broomstick or mop, in front of the photo eye so as to interfere with the beam. This should cause the door to reverse. However, if the door does not reverse, remove the object and close the door. Then, use a soft, dry cloth to clean the photo eyes, and adjust them by hand if they appear misaligned. Next, repeat the test. If the door does not reverse and reopen, call your garage door service provider for a maintenance check.

Settling test: When the door is open, push the opener’s transmitter or wall button to close the door, then hold up the bottom of the door with your hands. The door should easily reverse, but if it continues to close, pull your hands away and call your garage door specialist in to examine the excessive force of your door.

Remember to perform these maintenance checks without the presence of children or animals who could incur injury if the door malfunctions. Protect yourself from unnecessary injury by following the instructions and never forcing the door to either open or close.

By performing regular maintenance on your garage door, you ensure that the largest entryway into your home is in proper working condition and provides a safe and protected gateway for you, your family, and your vehicles.