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commercial garage door galleryWhile residential garage doors are there to provide good looks and security. As the largest moving part of the house, as well as making up to 40 percent of the “curb appeal” of your home, that makes sense. For the longest time, commercial doors were seen as purely utilitarian, a few (or a lot of) dents and dings serving as proof of heavy-duty work going on inside.

However, as more commercial enterprises begin to use garage doors as part of their decor or overall look, we’ve had to rethink the purpose of more industrial garage doors. Especially when the commercial business shares a property with the home.

All of the things that provide visual points of interest on a residential garage door can now be found on commercial properties, too. Think about old, “blue-collar” addresses that have been converted to smaller restaurants, boutiques, and other commercial storefronts. Those old, gray, beat-up doors just won’t cut it.

Different finishes, glass panels, and an array of colors bring a sense of industrial-chic to a small business trying to encourage walk-in traffic. But, they still need to retain the rugged durability of those doors that need to protect projects, tools, and other very expensive equipment or machinery.

Below you can see some of our commercial work, from multi-bay garages of various sizes and smaller projects. There are a variety of styles and designs to choose from, from overhead doors to roll-up doors that take up less interior space. Windows can be added to let in natural light or give the door an upgraded look.

In addition to installation, we also provide repair and maintenance for your commercial door. We also offer lifetime warranties on all new hardware. This includes hinges, tracks, rollers, springs, and other parts that can wear out over time.

Commercial Garage Door Photo Gallery

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