Winterize a Garage Door: Maintenance to Do Now!

Before winter, homeowners wrap pipes, repair the roof and put gardens to bed. But, winterize a garage? It’s not something people usually do. Garage doors are so reliable that we tend to take them for granted.

Winterize a garage door

Although a door in good working order is mercifully dependable, if yours is overdue for TLC, that means you’re taking it for granted. That’s not the best thing to do!

Even though we’re well into winter, it’s not too late to make garage door repairs. Southwest Washington, including Vancouver and the surrounding area, is still facing months of rain, wind and cold.

Who wants to drive up to the garage on a dark, wet and miserable evening and discover the door won’t open? Not you, and not me, either.

So, because we’ve written about all kinds of repairs and maintenance over the last several years, here’s a roundup of all the good advice you should follow to ensure your door is working well this winter.

And remember, if you need help with repairs, give us a call. We’ll do the work, and you can just kick back inside your home.

Here’s the countdown of our top five posts that will teach you to winterize a garage door:

5. Seal the Door

A good seal on the bottom of the door will keep out creepy crawlers, little four-legged varmints and water. A seal won’t prevent a garage from flooding if you have improper drainage, but it will keep moisture from seeping in. Plus, a seal can maintain garage cleanliness and warmth. Sounds like something you need, right? Learn how to install a seal on your door here.

4. Repair Leaks

When water runs into the garage, you want it to stop as soon as possible. It could be the seal (see above). But, water could be getting into the garage for a variety of reasons. Read four different causes and fixes for water leaks in your garage.

3. Lubricate Moving Parts

Adequate lubrication is important all year round. Lubing the moving parts on your door reduces friction which reduces wear and tear which reduces the money you spend on replacement parts. All good stuff, but before you go wild with the white lithium, get the lowdown on how to do it right.

2. Fix the Garage Door Opener

Winter is not the time to be stuck out in the cold because of a malfunctioning opener. We’ve written a few posts about troubleshooting a garage door opener and the remote. But, if you’re ready for something new, consider upgrading to a smart system. Here’s the scoop on openers and remotes:

Garage Door Opener Issues to Resolve Before Winter

Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

Smart-Garage Systems Boost Your Door’s IQ

1. Learn What to Do if the Power Goes Out

We’ve reached number one in our top-five countdown. This post isn’t technically about repair or maintenance, but it still earns the top spot because it concerns something that will eventually happen to everyone. Even if you just had a new garage door installed or you keep your door in shipshape, it won’t work if the power goes out. Many a person has wondered how they’re going to get in or out of the garage when a winter storm knocks out electricity. Learn where to find the cord that disengages the automatic opener so you can open your door manually. Then, read up on how to re-engage the opener here.

So that’s it. Our top five how-to’s for winter maintenance, repairs and mishaps. If you need our assistance, don’t hesitate to call Ponderosa Garage Door and Repair. We serve customers in Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon.