Why Does My Garage Door Make So Much Noise?


The squeaky wheel gets the grease—but what if the grease isn’t what you want? Garages are not intended to alert the neighbors every time you come home or leave. One of the biggest problems is that homeowners fail to schedule regular inspections and maintenance checks, which are ideally done annually or bi-annually. You ask a lot of your garage door and it’s likely one of the most highly-trafficked areas in your home. Those panels are heavy and it’s an exterior door, which means it takes a beating from the elements.

However, diagnosing a garage door squeak without professional help is like self-diagnosing illness by Googling symptoms. You might stumble across the right answer, or you might scare yourself with worst case scenarios. There are many reasons a garage door might squeak, and some are more common than others, but only a garage door specialist can fully diagnose your door and help you decide what steps to take.

Regular Offenders

Your garage door may operate on tracks or rollers. Even a small issue, like debris, can cause the gears to grind together. Regardless of the cause, rollers and tracks need to be maintained by a professional in order to work their best. If you hear a squeak, there may be an issue.

Another possible issue is a worn-out spring, often the first sign of wear and tear. Springs squeak, as anyone with a spring mattress knows. Sometimes it’s just from the spring adjusting to the demands of the door, but often a loud squeak indicates a weakened spring. If you have concerns about your springs, act immediately, before major damage occurs.

Garage Doors that Go Bump In the Night

If the sound produced is more of a deep rumbling, you will want to call Ponderosa Garage Doors and Repair immediately. A sound like this means that the door is either off the track or shaking so badly that the panels are at risk of falling down. Even if you recently had an inspection, it is imperative to have your door examined to make sure it is running safely.

For sounds louder than a squeak, avoid using your door and instead call a trained contractor immediately. Similar to the body, which displays physical symptoms, your garage door lets you know through complaints when something is wrong. Preventative maintenance is essential and can help you avoid a much larger (and costlier) problem in the future.

 If your garage door is new or installed within the past 10 years, it should ideally be quiet when opening and closing. If you are hearing loud noises when your door opens or closes, call Ponderosa as soon as possible for an in-depth assessment.