Planning a Garage Addition

Plan a garage addition.Are you planning a garage addition? Constructing a garage adds resale value to your home. It can boost the asking price of a house by 13 percent, according to a Florida State University study cited by The cost of building an attached garage runs from about 7,000 to 30,000 dollars, according to

A Garage Addition Built to Order

Decide how you’ll be using your garage. Do you only want a home for your car? Want a workshop? Need lots of storage?

Here’s a list of key features to consider when building your addition:

Garage doors: A classic steel garage door is often the most economical choice. Adding a window, decorative touches or extra insulation are worthwhile upgrades. Make your life easier by adding an automatic door opener. Door openers come in basic and “smart” varieties.

A second garage door opposite the first one allows you to drive through to your backyard. While novel, another door in back is convenient if you want to park vehicles out back.

Lighting design: Choose energy-efficient bulbs for indoors. For outdoors, consider motion and daylight sensors. Don’t skimp on the number of lights. Illumination contributes to security and functionality.

Roof trusses: Standard trusses are the most economical option. You can pay a little more and get storage trusses. These provide additional overhead room. Attic trusses give you even more space via a second level, though they’ll add quite a bit to your final costs.

Windows: Natural light makes any space more pleasant. If you’ll be spending time working in your new space, windows are well worth the extra cost.

Room to move: Extra clearance between the car port and the wall adds comfort. Four to five feet allows room to open a door and move without feeling squeezed.

Extra storage: Storage options are numerous. Vertical storage makes efficient use of space. Adjustable metal shelves that can be secured to the walls are practical and affordable. If your building is tall enough, consider adding plywood platforms for extra storage.

A place to work: A workshop can be as simple as a standard kitchen-depth countertop. If you want a garage workshop, make sure you have about 6 feet to set up your space. An electrical subpanel is a good idea if you plan on running appliances.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are lots of useful and fun features you can build into a your space.

Ponderosa Garage Doors & Repair offers a number of stylish garage doors. We’d love to get your new garage addition off to a good start. Contact us today for a free estimate!