A Brief Overview of Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage Garage DoorsAlthough some homeowners tend to underestimate the value of garage doors, they have a significant impact on the appearance and curb appeal of a home. Carriage garage doors are becoming a popular trend in today’s homes; with many discriminating home builders and remodelers choosing to use carriage-style doors in their house plans.

Some homeowners who have standard garage doors are opting to replace them with carriage-style garage doors in order to give their home’s facade an elegant makeover.

Carriage Garage Doors: What’s In A Name?

Before the onset of the motorized automobile, homeowners kept their horse-drawn carriages inside buildings called carriage houses. Carriage house doors are characterized by details such as gas lights that emit a pleasant glow, doors made of handcrafted wood and wrought iron hardware with elegant details. Today, people have become nostalgic about the horse-and-buggy era. Modern carriage-style garage doors are created in a way that replicates the timeless air unique to original carriage houses.

Carriage garage doors can be put in one of two categories. One type emulates the look and mechanics of historic carriage house doors. Many original carriage houses have two hinged doors that open outward or two doors that slide open sideways. Modern carriage house door versions can be designed to open in much the same way. Those who decide to install this kind of carriage door tend to choose a door made of solid wood for an authentic look.

The other type of modern carriage garage door is more common. While this type reproduces the appearance of yesteryear’s carriage doors, the modern version opens in an overhead fashion like most garage doors. They are made with non-functional, decorative features such as doorknobs, handles, hardware and hinges in order to achieve a bona fide vintage appearance.

Even though carriage-style garage doors look antique, manufacturers include current technology found in contemporary homes. Like ordinary garage doors, carriage doors are made from materials like aluminum, fiberglass, wood and wood composite. Homeowners can choose doors that either open manually or with the use of an automatic opener.

Many garage door manufacturers also offer plenty of custom colors and designs that allow consumers to stay in budget and match their house’s existing architecture.