6 Fall Curb-Appeal Tips

Are you looking for quick ways to step up curb appeal? Whether you’re getting ready to sell or you just want to give your home a fresh look, there are lots of ways to take your home from forgettable to fabulous.

Fall curb appeal tips.

Some of the following ideas require a little elbow grease, but all are fast and affordable. Take a look at our favorite fall curb appeal tips:

Paint the Doors

Paint the garage door and front door. Choose a color that’s welcoming and looks good with the rest of your home. If you’re new to painting, ask for advice at your home improvement store. They’ll direct you towards exterior paints and primers. Be sure to clean and prep surfaces before painting. If your home has shutters, consider painting those as well.

Clean Up Your Front Yard

Clean up the shrubs, trees and garden beds. Get rid of weeds and pull out summer annuals. Keep the lawn trimmed and remove fallen leaves. For touches of color, plant chrysanthemums or other plants suited for the Pacific Northwest. Nurseries and garden centers around Vancouver will carry the right types of plants for Washington. If it’s too late in the season for planting, hang a seasonal wreath to the front door and on either side of the garage door.

Clean the Gutters

Clogged gutters look bad and won’t drain properly. Rainy weather usually returns to the Vancouver-metro area in fall, and clogged drains can back up quickly. The moisture can lead to rot and may even leak into your home or under the garage door.

Pile On Fresh Mulch

Aside from adding plants, it’s hard to make dirt look nice. Add a thick layer of mulch to give the garden beds a well-tended appearance. The mulch does double duty as a weed inhibitor.

Add Some Lighting

Replace burnt out bulbs in your porch light. Replace dated fixtures or install more lighting around the front of your home or at the sides of your garage. You may need to hire an electrician to install lights. You don’t need electrical expertise to set up solar lights. Find them in a garden center and place the lights along a garden bed or along a front sidewalk.

Get New House Numbers

Something as simple as large, easy-to-read house numbers gives your home a visual lift. When house numbers are faded, your place looks neglected. Pick up some new numbers and install them where they’re easy to see, such as under your bright new lights. House numbers make life easier for delivery people and emergency personnel.

If your garage door needs more than a cosmetic boost, contact Ponderosa Garage Doors for repairs or installation.