5 Most Frustrating Garage Door Problems

garage door problemsGarages are a family home convenience most of us can’t do without, from storing our personal belongings to providing a safe haven for our vehicles.

While they are a much appreciated addition to any home, there are common issues experienced by most homeowners, problems that can make your garage a place of unneeded stress and frustration. Here are some of the most frustrating:

The Ghost Garage Door

If you have experienced the mystery ghost garage door opener, you know how frustrating this problem can be. The garage door mysteriously opens on it’s own. This can be a problem for many reasons. If the garage door opens when you are away it can expose the items in your garage to the thieves and bad weather. If your garage connects to your home and you don’t lock your door, an open garage can also make your home more accessible.

The Half Door

This is that instance when the door only goes up or down halfway. This is a problem for a wide variety of reasons, from getting things in and out of your garage, to being able to easily enter or exit it.

A Loud Garage Door

We have all probably experienced a noisy garage door at one point or another. The shrieks or metal-on-metal sounds that radiate from the garage every time it is open or closed. It’s hard on the ears, and face it, a little embarrassing.

Manual Operation

Some garage doors, while rare, are meant to be manually operated. But if you aren’t too keen on lifting the garage open or pulling the door shut, you most likely have a remote. It can be a real pain (quite literally) having to open and close the door until your remote control is restored.

The Tease

Maybe it will open, maybe it won’t. This is the door that opens about six inches then goes back down. This back and forth motion is enough to make even the most sane individual lose their mind.

These are just a few of the more common garage door frustrations. If any of these problems, or one that’s not covered, happen to you, give us a call.