Section or Panel Replacement

We can replace individual sections or panels. Replacement sections are available for many models and brands.

Before we order a replacement panel, we’ll need to know which part of the door was damaged. Most doors consist of a top, middle, and bottom sections.

Serial numbers are printed on most garage doors, making it easy to identify the model and find an exact replacement part. Look for the identifying numbers on the inside edge of any one of the garage door sections.

One of our technicians will install the replacement panel. During installation, we may disconnect the opener. We may need to make adjustments to the hardware. It’s a good time for a tune-up during a repair. Before leaving, we’ll test the door and make sure everything is working properly.

There are times when we can’t replace a panel or section. For example, if the door is old, parts may be discontinued or not available. It may be difficult to get a matching color or style. When a door has extensive damage, installing a new one is often the best solution.

Give your Garage Door New Life

Garage door accidents happen frequently. Often, the damage isn’t as extensive as a full door replacement, but it still needs to be repaired. That’s why we can replace individual sections or panels! Replacement sections are available for many models and brands.

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