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Garage Door Remote

Automatic doors and garage door remotes are great conveniences that make life simpler. Who wants to get out of the car, run through the weather and mess with a manual door? Unfortunately, there’s another group that enjoys easy access to a home garage. 

Yes, you guessed it. We’re talking about thieves. They are often known to access people’s homes through the garage, so taking precautions in reprogramming your opener from time to time can help deter them.

Why You Should Reprogram a Garage Door Remote Control

Reprogramming a garage door remote can keep your home safer. Nearly everyone has lost track of a garage door remote – remotes get lost, swiped, or handed to a neighbor. If your car is stolen, the thief now has a key to your garage, too. However it happens, if one of your remotes is missing, it’s time to reset the remaining remotes.

Even if all your remotes are accounted for, decide on a regular interval for reprogramming. Perhaps you have a home security system. When you reprogram that, do the remote on the same day. Or set the remote at the same time you change the batteries in your smoke detector.

What the Hack?

Burglars have a new way to get into your garage: hacking. Yep, even bad guys like to keep up with the latest gadgets. Hacking technology for wireless appliances is a pretty inexpensive technology. It doesn’t require much of an investment for a savvy burglar.

This is how hacking works: as you push the button on the garage door opener, it sends a signal via unsecured wireless technology to your garage door opener. It takes mere seconds for a thief to capture that programmed signal. Once they have that information, they can duplicate it at their leisure. A crook can watch your home, keeping track of your comings and goings, and enter through the garage when you’re away.

Reprogramming the Remote Is Easy

Reprogramming a garage door opener is a simple task, so do it before thieves have a chance to target you. Nothing is foolproof, but a new code can slow a thief and give you peace of mind.

On your opener unit, pull off that small plate to reveal the control panel. We’re working with a popular LiftMaster model here. On other makes and models, you may need to remove the entire cover, but most openers provide easy access to this panel. 

Just look for a red button. It might say “learn,” or it might say nothing at all, but it should be conspicuous.

With your remote handy, press and release the button. A light will come on for 30 seconds. While it’s illuminated, press and hold the button on your remote until you see the lights blink on the unit. If your unit doesn’t have a light, press the red button and then hold down your remote button until you hear two clicks. 

Essentially, you’re sending a code (ever-changing combinations of codes, actually) from your remote to the unit, allowing it to recognize that remote when you use it in the future.

Start Anew

Sometimes it is also necessary to clear all the existing codes from the unit. For example, you move into a new home, but the previous owner mistakenly took the remote with them. Or, as we’ve mentioned before, a number of things could cause your garage door to open all by itself.

To erase all existing codes from the unit’s memory, press and hold the “learn” button until the light comes on and then goes out. This typically takes about five or six seconds and all codes will be cleared. You can now follow the steps described above to program your remotes back into the unit.

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