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Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

The overhead garage door and the automatic garage opener are a match made in heaven. Together they add comfort, security and value to your home.

Before 1926 if you wanted to get into your garage, you had to get out of your car, brave whatever tricks the weather was playing and heave open the doors with your bare hands.

After 1926, you could, at least in theory, take advantage of a new-fangled invention by C.G. Johnson….

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Should I Choose a Wood or Steel Garage Door?

Manufacturers make garage doors from steel, wood, wood composites, fiberglass, vinyl and glass. Even will all these options, for many homeowners, the choice for a new garage door is often between wood and steel. Both materials are sturdy and attractive, but the differences between the two types of doors are distinct. How do you know if you should choose a wood or steel garage door? Make a decision based on your budget, maintenance preferences and home’s architecture….

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