how to convert your garage into a man cave

Convert Your Garage Into a Man Cave

Have you ever wondered why your car gets a room of its own while you can’t find a quiet corner where you can put up your feet? When you convert a garage into a man cave, no longer will you need to be jealous of your vehicle’s private quarters. Turning a garage into a hangout can be as simple as plugging in a TV and plunking down a comfortable chair. Or, you can go all out and convert the space into a proper room….

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projector outside

How to Use a Garage Door as a Movie Screen

Want to host an outdoor movie night this summer? Showing a movie under the stars is a great family activity or main-event for a kids’ slumber party.

Kits for an outdoor cinema, including an inflatable screen, are pricey. Since an al fresco flick may be a once a year event, why break the bank. You can have just as much fun going low budget. A garage door makes an excellent impromptu movie screen. You can piece together everything else you need for not much money….

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