Garage Door

The Most Versatile Room in Your Home


Thinking of installing a garage door or investing in garage door repair? You are investing in more than just a place to house your cars. The garage is an incredibly versatile space that, due to its easy access to the outdoors, is suitable for a number of projects that may otherwise interfere with the cleanliness,…

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When to Replace your Garage Door?

broken garage door

Your garage door was new when you bought your home, 15 years ago. Or perhaps you had a garage door installed more recently and corners were cut, leaving you with a door that requires frequent repairs. Whatever your situation, the decision to replace your existing garage door is an important one, and weighing your options…

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Why Is My Garage Door Opening By Itself?

Infographic explaining different reasons why a garage door may open on it's own

Every so often someone will come to us bewildered and frustrated, saying that their garage door has been operating on its own at random. “I was sitting in my kitchen having breakfast with my family,” they say, “and all of a sudden I hear the garage door open, completely on its own.” Other times, frantic…

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Ken Fielding, owner of Ponderosa Garage Doors & Repair

Owner Ken Fielding explains the benefits of using Ponderosa Garage Doors & Repair for your residential and commercial garage door and garage door opener needs. Ponderosa Garage Doors & Repair provides sales, repairs, and replacements. …

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