Month: January 2016

What Style Garage Door Is Best for My Home?

A red garage door is seen in a modern home.

Is the design of your garage door helping your home’s curb appeal, or hurting it? A garage door is often the first thing people see when they visit. Maybe it’s an ordinary door that functions well, but why not choose a door that makes a design statement? A stylish garage door will not only improve the look of your home, but it can add value to your property.

Modern garage doors come in a wide selection of colors and styles. Ponderosa sells and installs doors that are sturdy and stylish. Windows are available with most of our doors, and you’ll often be able to choose a custom color to coordinate with your home. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular looks in garage doors….

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Garage Door Glossary

The idea of garage door glossary is illustrated by this image of a computer keyboard with a key labeled with the word Glossary.

Can you name the parts of a garage door? Do you have to resort to saying “thingy” to describe problems with your door? This glossary can help. It includes the most commonly used garage-door terminology. Whether you’re working on a door yourself, or calling on us for installation or repair, use this list to learn which parts are called what….

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Why You Should Consider Lifetime Warranty Garage Door Springs

Lifetime warranty springs are more durable than standard springs and may pay for themselves with savings from maintenance.

With proper care and maintenance, your garage door can last 30 years or longer. The same can’t be said for its springs, however, but they are still an essential component of the door because they’re used to counteract its weight. Without them, your door likely won’t function properly, although some garage door makes and models may continue to operate in diminished capacity for some time after the spring breaks before failing.

Just how long your garage door springs last depends on a number of variables, among them the size of the spring wire, the diameter inside the spring, the length of the spring and how frequently the garage door is raised and lowered….

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Is My Garage Door Alignment Off?

A wrench is seen on a bolt.

The garage door is often the largest moving object in your home. It goes up and down countless times each day. But when it doesn’t function as planned, frustrations arise. You need the door to operate properly so you can leave your home, and to ensure that your valuables are safe-guarded while you are away. If your garage door alignment is off, the door won’t open and close smoothly. Here are some quick fixes to ensure your door works properly so you can resume your normal activities safely….

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What Is a Torsion Spring?

An illustration of a torsion spring is seen on a white background.

A garage door is comprised of several parts that work together in a particular way. Of all these parts, a torsion spring is one of the most recognizable and the least understood.

Getting acquainted with a few basic facts about torsion springs and their function will help homeowners recognize when these parts are malfunctioning. When you see a problem, be sure to call the experts. Repairing torsion springs on your own can be a dangerous proposition….

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